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Online bingo offers you many variants which share the fundamental rules with one another. The basis for playing the game is same in all the variants but the criteria to select the winner in different variants is different. The criteria to select the winners in online bingo depends upon the patterns or the sequences of the marked off number. There are already preset patterns which are selected for all the variants as the basis to declare the winners and the player who is able to produce any of the preset patterns is declared as a winner. These patterns or orders could be like vertical, zig zag, horizontal, all the four corners of the cards etc. There are numerous more patterns and one variant accept only few patterns.


Slot machines, or, as they are called, slot machines are common in gambling establishments around the world. Gain on such devices can be many times the size of the initial rate, which attracts these devices are so many lovers of excitement. Besides the huge number of various slot machines any casino offers its customers a video poker machines, also enjoying good popularity. For information about all of these devices, and rules of the game for them, you can explore in the Slots .

Casino poker

Poker casino - gambling is an entertaining game based on the classic poker rules and adapted to hold in a casino. However, in contrast to the Club version of poker in a casino poker players play against one another and against the dealer representing the interests of the casino. With all the variety of rules of poker casino you can find in the Card Games .

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