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The rapid development of the market for online gambling allows potential players and fans of card games to choose for your game service from a huge number of similar projects. Therefore, in the face of competition is so high, it is a question of confidence in the project is in the first place. Almost every user, before you start playing in a casino on money, asks the question: is it worth to trust this online project and what guarantees its integrity it can provide.

So, on the basis of what factors most experienced players have an opinion about the honesty or dishonesty of a gambling online project? It's no secret that terrestrial gambling houses are much more credible than their online competitors. Not all potential users, in fact, can arrange for an explanation of what a random number generator, which is the basis of almost any online gambling really is completely impartial to all players.

Therefore, to play in a casino on money - it is almost always safe. Arriving at the land-based casino, the player has almost no such doubts, because he watches as the dealer in his eyes prints out a new deck or runs the ball on a roulette wheel. In other words, any player wants to see with their own eyes the games directly to him there were no doubts in its impartiality.

In Italy, however, there are four casinos the authority of a public entity, or for four municipalities authorized, including the City of Venice. For our common authorization dates back to 1936 and was granted directly by the Ministry of the Interior at the time. For this reason, the City of Venice had to ask the government if you can sell or license the casino and in what capacity. And finally, you may wonder if the City can legally sell the casino individuals. In fact, in Italy, with the current laws, theoretically, there can be no private casinos.

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