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In any case, what is certain is that the M5S Venice will carefully about the whole operation, even in the years to come, because here you are likely to give an irreparable blow to the finances of the City, a non-profit that over the years could lead to amount to hundreds of millions, worst of derivatives. And that's just to have a little 'money immediately and do well in the next election, or to make speculation in Tester. But we will be ready to report to the Audit Court any loss of revenue!

It is evident, therefore, that we strongly oppose this latest sell-off of public assets cheap communal, the most serious and ultimately, that you should perform according to the intentions of our directors, in terms of price unacceptable.

Among other things, we presented three amendments to the draft resolution for the sale of the Casino, proposing to define more clearly some of the many dark sides of this operation. That the company CSV Sap was dissolved and its assets transferred to the City, both to increase the municipal assets, either because we do not believe that the City should be appropriate to the municipal companies that deal in real estate speculation;

That the mark of the Venice Casino became the property of the municipality (which would have granted the company Meeting & Dining's Sal for free, just for the duration of the concession). This is to avoid future lawsuits (because we think, what could happen in thirty years). We had hoped that a minimum of coherence and sensitivity to the public what you could do in the street who has so far proved unable to seriously plan the future of our city. Unfortunately, it was not even caught one of our sensible suggestions: our amendments were rejected and in the City Council went ahead with the sell-off as trains.

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