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Online Gaming every year becoming more and more adherents, both experienced players and beginners prefer the games on the network. Indeed, the online casino has a number of significant advantages over the real gambling houses. Adrenaline in this case, players receive no less, but the level of safety and comfort are significantly higher. In addition, the online casino offers the players a lot more opportunities.

For input and output of money most online casinos offer a number of ways. First, it is, of course, well-known payment system Web Money. Its main advantage - fast money transfer. Second, players often use credit cards MasterCard and Visa. When using the cards to register them in the chosen online casino. Some users prefer payment systems Money Bookers or shops. Another option - sums-payments.

Bank transfers are gradually fading into the past, because this method gaming account the least convenient - for the transfer of money to go to the bank, fill out paperwork, and finally wait until the funds will be transferred. Game Zone casinos offer different versions of the game, for example, «auto play», where you can win money, practically doing nothing. The player must set the size of the bet and the number of rotations of drums. Once all the spins will be played out, the system will stop the game and you will be able to find out the result.

The response has been largely positive, but it is based on a legal technicality. In practice, as stated in the resolution, the private company that will win the award of the Venice Casino will not be "the subject directly authorized the service of gambling, but simply the person in charge of the management service of the gambling house." So the private sector will have only the "over the management" of the Casino. But managing a casino is practically like having a casino. Practically it will just transfer to private operation that will result in the "loss", but not for the casinos, but for the city.

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