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First, it proclaims that the casino goes (s) sold, or rather, given in concession to a private company for 30 years, arguing that it is a loss. But the casino is not currently at a loss : it is clear from the recent budget data, which provide a potential revenue, gross of tax but retains the common, of 59 million euros for 2011 and 36 million by 2012. The so-called "leakage" of the Casino were caused by the fact that the City withdrew from the Casino most of what he perceived, that is higher than the actual earnings figures. So the City has not only indebted to the Casino, but it also wants to sell off just because it is in debt ! What a nerve! Before contradiction of this controversial operation!

Consider then that the € 36 million that the casino could have provided this year are low. Sell ​​an investment when its value is at a minimum is always recommended. Well, you might think that the return of the casino could further deteriorate. But no, because it is the municipality itself, even to the mouth of the company in charge of estimating the sale transaction, which predicts that the market will bounce back! So why sell the casino right now that is the worst time Another contradiction!

As just mentioned, before handing the management of the Casino, the City has done to estimate the value of the transaction by a authoritative company that specializes in this type of assessment (a so-called " advisor "). The City Council, however, had already decided to figures from the auction and asked the advisor to perform only an estimate of what could make the operation of the private sale with those digits.

Consequently, the estimate produced results that were comfortable to our directors, namely, that if the casino is given in concession for little money the City receives little money anyway. But the city administration has not asked to make a comparison between the case of the sale of the Casino and that of maintaining the status quo . Only this comparison would make everyone understand if the sale transaction is convenient for real.

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