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These are not matters to be taken lightly, because in the proposed resolution of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor has been written that the amounts that will be included as an auction in the notice for the award of the grant of the casino "will highlight" of the report ' advisor, but does not explain that in fact, it seemed to understand, the auction was already decided. We therefore seek to pour advisor a responsibility that really belongs to our community leaders.

In short, our directors have done so: I, the City, I say to instruct a company that I calculate how much is the Casino, but in fact I've already decided what it's worth ! This could be called a joke. And to do that well paid 300,000 Euros! The result of this was that the staging for the auction that the City will propose in the tender for the concession to private casino there will be some figures are too low, suggested by the directors of the City of Venice .

How do we maintain that the figures given for the auction are too low. Why do we remade the accounts of the advisor (and we did it's free!), Starting from the minimum budget this year, and there is in practice that the City, from the sale, would not get any benefit. The value of the entire operation, from a purely accounting, it would be nothing. Play top casino games at http://www.gamblingbonuscenter.org/netent-casinos and make good money online.

Not to mention the fact that the sale of the Casino is also justified by the need for the City Council to eliminate the risk of entrepreneurship. But then, between the amounts that the company won the contract should be paid to the City, shall also include a variable amount, however low, linked to the annual revenues from the game, and the exploitation of the mark. Not to mention the risks associated with inflation, possible legal battles over trademarks, the fate of the company that owns shares in 30 years, and so on. This does not ensure full stability and perhaps nothing will ever completely secure from the City business risk.

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