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The origin of this queen of gambling goes to the long-standing Middle Ages. Some attribute it to the creation of China, the other. As the name Ā«rouletteĀ» comes from the version of the far more likely. Some believe that the roulette created a mathematician Blaine Pascal in the XVII century, the other - a Franciscan monk, who could not beat his own creation and hanged from the nearest tree. Such is the grim story in the most popular game in the casino. And all because of the fact that its origin is assigned a mystical significance, because the sum of the roulette numbers to 666 because of what it called a Ferris wheel. If you want to play with the devil, play roulette.

The first wheel is numbered 1 to 36 in called "Hawkeye". It was the primitiveness of the casino, to which in 1842 the two brothers Blank added sector of "zero". So a roulette with one zero. A little later, this game thanks to the immigrants migrated to the United States, where some of the Jews, who spotted a zero double benefit, so added to the roulette has one zero. This is how the American roulette with the two "zero", which brought enormous profits to American gambling. Originally bet in roulette were only on even-odd. This game has gained special popularity among the English ladies of high society.

After the French Revolution Roulette was at one time banned until Napoleon came to power did not open gambling houses again. After 1840 roulette has become a widely popular game on the big bets. At the same time, some of the fans game noticed that the ball is made of iron as well as the wheel itself. This means that they are easy to manage with a magnet. In gambling houses with the layouts started deceptions, and pretty soon the roulette wheel and all its sectors have started to be made of wood.

In order to evenly distribute the game results, wheel must be well balanced, that is, should not have any biases and evenly distribute the falling ball. The game is always exciting, but only in cases where you know that it is on equal footing. "Ferris Wheel" anyone not guarantee winnings and still continues to attract more and more people wanting to try their luck.

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