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Gamblers today a great variety of casino never empty, there is always a recovery. All the players are very different, but there is a special group of visitors gambling that casinos provide various privileges. These people are called the High Roller.  High Rollers - it's fans to play for high stakes.

They bring a casino huge profits, as do big bets. Naturally gambling houses are trying to get hold of these players so as bonuses often offer them dinners in restaurants, hotel rooms and other services for the casino. In some casinos for high roller set aside special areas, some casinos offer them the opportunity to take a certain amount of loan.

Many may immediately imagine a rich man who just love to overspend. However, this is not the case. In general, the High Roller divided into two classes. First - it is really rich people who are not constrained by the funding and are willing to try their luck. The second group - the true guru of poker and other gambling games. These are the best players who know how to play, so do not be afraid to make big bets and win.

Of course, fortune smiles they do not always - big defeats is not uncommon on these losses and profit from the casino. However, they know how to win the High Roller. A striking example is the multibillionaire Kerry Parker from Australia. In just a few evenings he lost twenty million dollars. However, after some time, one day Parker was able to win a thirteen million pounds! The capital of the principality of Monaco, a small country situated on the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by a chain of mountain peaks. However, people flock here from all over the world, both known and not so. Has long been the center of attraction is the casino.

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