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Gambling today is quite popular, despite the government's policy aimed at closing the gambling areas. In contrast, the rapidly developing online gambling, online casinos offer the user a great opportunity! Very much in demand casino slot machines to play online at any time of the day. In addition, the online casino to play slot machines as you can with the money and the interest.

Gambling is known for a long time. Periodically while under the ban of the authorities, they are, nevertheless, did not lose its popularity, on the contrary, the interest in such games is further enhanced. If we talk about card games, in Russia they appeared only in the late 17th century. Prior to that, people are crazy native Russian gambling. In ancient Russ' favorite game was "dices. The game used a small stone, painted in two colors. Winnings are determined by fallen color combinations. Granulation was popular among all ages, and among different social classes: it is fond of peasants and nobles.

Children and young people of that time played "Grandma." "Baku" were then called pod kidney bones of bulls and cows. At stake players fielded several pairs of "grandmothers", and one of these bones filled with lead, and she served as a bat. Knocked bat "dibs" passed the winner. More often than not win were the bones themselves, but at the fairs could play in the headstock and on the money, there are also sometimes arranged like betting and betting on the game participants. However, with the penetration of Russian card games such fun lost their popularity.

Surge in the popularity of card games dates back to the reign of Catherine II. When Alexander I earned the  Imperial card factory, and import maps from abroad was prohibited. Then again gambling were banned gambling clubs were closed, so rich players had to go to Europe, and the poor play illegally.

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