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However, the so-called "leakage" of the Casino is not the only excuse to entrust the grant to individuals. Our current community leaders say they are convinced, and write it in the draft resolution, which the new private operator will be able to give a " better and more efficient management of the Department of Management of the Casino " . However, the new manager will be sufficient to have gained " experience in the field of gaming or otherwise of the game in general over the past five years .

"Virtually enough experience in the game industry in general is only 5 years old, to be considered the best and most efficient of the current directors of the Casino , including the legendary Victoria Rave, general manager of the Casino Municipal did Venetia Spa, which in 2012 received only 304 000 euro, more than U.S. President Barrack Bema. In a nutshell, you just have run for 5 years, an online poker site to be considered the best of Rave (and deserve the same salary?). I must say, our mayor has great confidence in the people who choose to administer the municipal! And this, why not, it's a beautiful contradiction!

The whole operation takes into account the reality of real estate speculation in the Face Card. He speaks, albeit not too explicitly, between the lines, because the private that he will win the tender for the management of the casino will probably build a small card in Las Vegas (Las Teasers?) , with new locations for the home gaming, accommodations, etc., in a logistically very attractive (at highway and airport).

So the success factors of the success of the operation would be the determination of constraints and timing of approval of the PAT. But then you sell the casino because it is at a loss or to start a real estate speculation with a wealthy partner funded with money from the casino software.

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