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Another option with a chance of winning by about a third and the possibility of the use is to get back treble, to an entire vertical column of numbers on the field to set (Colonne 34, 35 or 36, so the left, middle or outer , respectively, by the numbers in the bottom). Can also be set to the first, second or third dozen numbers.

The classic version of the game is to bet on a single number (profit opportunity and possibility plus). This can also be set to 0. By combining two on the pitch adjoining numbers, it is possible to increase the chance. Other game modes are putting on four adjacent numbers, one or two transverse rows of 3 numbers and, starting from 0, the first 3 or 4 digits. In addition, there may be special playing passages that are based on the number in roulette wheel arrangement.

There are two ways to play online roulette. Download once with and once without downloading. Both have their pros and cons, I would like briefly. First, the no-download version is interesting especially for Mac and Linux players. Because if you used one of these OS can make no download and no installation of online casinos in principle.

The reason is simply that almost no casino is geared for those operating systems. This is not bad, because the no-download flash versions can be played in the browser and actually offers exactly the same. But you can play by downloading and installing the software with download. As a Windows user since all options are available and the big advantage is that you can play instantly and easily and start by making a double click. It could not be. For this you must first install but much a download and make.

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