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Online slot machines are among the easiest among the casino games. This explains, of course, the extraordinary popularity. For those who have never been to Las Vegas or any other major casino to be there to try one of the many slot machines, we offer here a small guide to the slot machine rules .

Most slot machines are quite similar. At the top of the machine you will find names, including the payout table. This indicates which combinations bring to symbols (according to the rules) how much profit. But more on that later. The wheels are cylinders that rotate after you pulled the lever or push the button has. Today's machines have between three and five reel. The highlighted box in the center is called "pay line". If there match the symbols with a certain combination of the rules, you can read based on the payout table your profit.

On the right side of the rollers of the lever, which sets the wheels in motion. Although many real slot machines feature a lever that most online slot games have, logically, no. The rules for online slot machines require instead clicking the "Spin" button, which then automatically sets the wheels in motion. Below the roles you will find three buttons. One is the "spin" button, with the other two to bring the insert. The number of coins (or credits) which are employed, determine which column of the payout table the profit is calculated. The first column corresponds to the use of a coin, the second one of the two coins, and so on. The rules say that the more you set, the more is the chance of winning.

As already mentioned, many slot machines have four or five reels and some of have up to 25 different pay lines and are therefore subject to very complex rules. Many of these more versatile slot machines allow the player to improve his chances of winning by bringing more inserts. If you play all 25 pay lines, you slot machine plays practically 25 times at once!

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